YES this house scared the $%#* out of me! :)

I really like this guy and his sons…. but he asked me if I was “too scared to go to his house without a ____ man.”  I was not sure why I should be scared though? They have shoot outs, sell drugs and rob people over by my car wash…. it should be safer at his house right? I WAS WRONG! He had 4-5 WASP NESTS on his porch! WTF it was a setup! HE TRIED TO KILL ME! LOL 🙂 YES I WAS SCARED!  (I am actually allergic to wasp and passed out and got a free ride to the ER last time I got stung.)

It would have been neat to see this neighborhood back in its prime. I love old houses and these homes now. The houses are also super cool inside and they have great details no builder would do today.  Someone told me the houses are all over 100 years old?  (Which actually could be true because the “city” / mining town was created around 1880.)

(I mention back in the day because both houses next to this house are gone now…. they burnt down.  Along with others in the neighborhood.  Still very cool hood…. I also love the “downtown” aspect.  Which is basically 90% out of business unfortunately for the residents.)

I told this guy he should run for the Birmingham City Council…. it pays basically 75k from 15k I believe (part time job also) and they do not do anything for this district.  If I was a BCC loser I would actually improve the area with my actually income that the BCC is basically stealing from the people of Birmingham…. just saying.  (Sure it would be a little amount of money (75k)…. but better then nothing!)  Actually I would keep 50% because a brother has to wear stupid clothing and purchase boxing gloves.  LOL 🙂  Politics and all the media needs to just start over at all levels I believe…. I blame it on lawyers.