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Buyers guide to old and new used Coleman oval vacs

I didn’t know there was a difference and now I know why some people complain and hate Coleman oval vacs.  They are comparing about two separate products!  Also I feel bad when I was trying to sell my vacs…. I didn’t tell the buyer the difference.  But I honesty didn’t know. Plus mine are the nice ones. 🙂  He actually purchased the wrong ones and I don’t mean not mine!  LOL  🙂

New style with large one door.


Old style small door…. Where you can not touch the bags.


Kind of sad….

Kind of sad how things change…. I remember Jarret J. Jakubowski JJJ and I wish he sent me my subscription. 🙂 I think I got 2-3 issues and only 1/2 or my back issues? But who is keeping track! 🙂 I meet him at some ICA show and heard him speak and he seemed like a really super nice guy and it actually didn’t bother me. About the only time something like that didn’t bother me…. kind of shows the impression he made. 🙂

I did get the unrelated SSCWN magazine.

I also remember the scary color scheme that Auto Care Forum was…. I did see Bill multiple times at the ICA shows. Never talked to him though….

Hamilton ACW-4-CRC important information!

Did you know that an acw4 could have a push pull credit card acceptor?  Neither did I!  Especially if you ever call Hamilton that seems like how they determine the difference between an acw4 and acw5?  Oh and I have proof!  From the defunk og sscwn…. Spring 1999.


Alloy Wheel Repair specialist


At what point should the city get involved and make it illegal for a mobile company to work on a right of way?  I mean technically it might be private property…..  So maybe the property owner should sue them?  If they didn’t already agree of course!  LOL  🙂

What happens when 20 mobile lube and tire repair places park next to each other? Also why wasn’t he allowed to work at the dealership (Tameron Hyundai)?  I guess it’s a new car?   🙂