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EASY STREET! Very Confidential – UPDATE

Dr. Edward Rowe is Funny Looking.

So I had to email back my bff Dr. Edward Rowe.  Below is my email.

271 Forest Road, Hueytown, AL 35023

Ready to help you invest your money el friendo! Oh by the way I have a Rowe Changer so I am qualified to help!
Your Best Friend Ever!

I mean what is Dr. Edward Rowe going to do send me more junk checks junk mail then AT&T?

This was his response I don’t think that they read my email?  What do you think?  RESPONSE HERE


Hello, Eric
You have the following message on TalkCarWash from Edward Rowe
To reply to him, just reply to this message.

I am Dr.Edward Rowe; I want to know if you can help me invest my money into a profitable business in your Country as my partner. I have been into real estate business for many years until my recent retirement following my doctor’s advice for me to avoid any form of stress because of my failing health condition.

Please tell me, can you help me invest in a profitable business in your country? If you agree, we shall both share the total annual profit.
I demand you treat this very confidential. I will give you full details of the funds and the transfer as soon as I receive your response.
Please reply to this email ( ) for more information

Your full name
Your phone number
You email address
Your home address

Most Regard.
Dr.Edward Rowe
Thank you.

I can’t believe this Dr. Edward Rowe is looking to be a partner with me! It’s a shame about his “failing health” but it’s good for me because I’m going to be loaded with cash soon! Oh No! This is suppose to be “very confidential”!!!!! I hope Dr. Edward Rowe is’t mad! 🙂

FU WordPress actually Hackers! :)

Actual Date: 20130225
Link Manager in 35

I had my stupid wordpress website hacked by a retard that can just run premade existing scripts… awesome! It actually happened a while ago and I didn’t mess with it. By the way dreamhost vps suck. Why I switched from whatever I had before to vps is beyond me? After I switched to dreamhost vps I got worse service and constant harassment about upgrades which I didn’t need! You can look at the logs and graphs and stuff so I don’t know what there problem is?

Okay back to my hacked site. Finding info about fixing your hacked site sucks… because everyone wants money to clean your site for you or there just being a douche in general. (So you know it must be easy.) Like this Brandon Kraft guy that uses the forum to make money…. which is fine I want money!  (This site never made any large amounts of mad cash or any.  🙂  But really with a comment like Brandy said above you know he is a douche!  🙂 Who reads new release crap?  Don’t worry he also has a link to his personal and business site.  Now you know why he posted 50 times in the same thread!    🙂  The only thing I never understand is why no one called out Brandy for being a douche!

ME:  Brandon it’s not a High School dance…. get a new picture.  Plus no one reads that crap… shut pie hole!

I don’t think Brandy or really any other of the wordpress sellers understand.  It’s a platform that the majority of people use for “fun”. Or to build something FAST. It is super easy to use… you don’t need help unless something stupid happens. Then like EVERYONE suggests delete and start over…. great idea really…. that’s the FREE info! 🙂  If you were going to use a platform to make money you wouldn’t use wordpress.  But over the last couple years things have changed… but I still wouldn’t use wordpress.  But I am also not ready for a High School dance…. I have been using Joomla for business things.  Seems more legit for shopping carts and business things?

This was my elite script kiddie hack!  🙂

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