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Ministry of Transportation for Canada?


Apparently the Ministry of Transportation for Canada doesn’t like these stickers for your suitcases so they are not for sale in Canada.  I didn’t even know that Canadadians even knew how to fly planes yet!  Now they have a Government and a Ministry of Transportation?  Wow!

But on to the serious stuff… I thought this was a funny product:

Take a stand against monotonous travel with Suitcase Stickers. Designed to stick to anything, they will draw attention to your bag making it easily identifiable and sure to make you some new friends.

Caution: Some of these stickers may cause offense to airport and immigration staff. But you would have figured that out whilst enjoying those cavity searches.

What’s the Difference Between Thrifty, Affordable and Cheap?


His car means that Johnny Thacker is THRIFTY because he wants good gas mileage.  You know that Johnny Thacker is selling “AFFORDABLE Insurance” because that is what his sign says on his thrifty car.  But you can also tell that Johnny Thacker is CHEAP because instead of fixing his affordable insurance sign correctly on his thrifty car he used mail box letters.  Looking good Johnny Thacker!  Looking good!