Archive | August, 2009

Finally done!


I picked up my lawn mower today: it took forever for them to fix it.  This time I am going to use a gas mower, not an electric mower like normal.  I forgot to bring my gas can to the carwash so I will be mowing the lawn tomorrow.

Motor Starter Meltdown – Update


I received my replacement parts for my sprecher & schuh motor starter.  I am replacing them with Fuji Electric parts.  I will install it tomorrow.

sprecher & schuh CA7-16-10 (contactor)  =>  Fuji SC-E1-24VAC
sprecher & schuh CEP7-M32 Ser-B Current range “ 12-32A Trip class -10 (overload protector)  =>  Fuji TK-E2-2600