Archive | June, 2008

C-2000 Hamilton changer controller – Update


Randy told me to check out my Cycle Inhibit Adapter harnesses, which was the problem.  It has a short in the wires that are not wrapped.  I am just going to replace the harness.  But it was really weird that the changer had the same error yesterday 3 times in a row.  Then today it worked for 10-12 bills until I touched the harness; then I could make it turn on and off by touching the wires.  Great feature!

C-2000 Hamilton changer controller


I purchased an extra c2000 Hamilton controller.  I have always wanted an extra controller but I also want an extra Mars bill acceptor.  I was testing out the new controller and it had a weird problem.  It seems to shut down if you put in 3-4 bills in less than 30 seconds and then it restarts after 5 minutes.  It did this 3 times in a row and I will email Randy and see what the problem could be.

Fragramatics Vacuum problem


I hate working on these Fragramatics vacuums.  The vacuums have 6 special screws to unlock the top and everything is just so crammed in there.  One of the vacuum motors was not working so I had to remove the motor to check the brushes.  The brushes were fine but a fuse was blown.  I will check the fuse first next time.  Even though 2 out of the 3 motors worked, you can still tell there is a problem.