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Are SDS drill bits the best idea ever?


Greg told me to purchase a SDS drill and I purchased this DeWalt D25313K Heavy-Duty 1 inch SDS L-Shape 3 Mode Hammer.  I love these SDS drill bits and I guess the drill and my cheap Harbor Freight drill bits ($10 a piece, 42639, 42651 Drill Master masonry bits) are good.  Why does every drill bit not use this system.  The second picture shows the SDS bit layout, it consists of a locking mechanism.  The third picture shows the chuck, which you just jam the drill bit in and it clicks in place.  The fourth picture shows how you remove the bit by just pulling the chuck back.  This system is just for masonry bits I guess, but why?


I did actually use the drill and I mounted and reinforced some stuff.  The last picture is all the crap I needed to install a couple screws.


Ecowash mobile:  An Australian waterless car wash franchise is now operating in seven countries.  Article  /  Website

Another waterless product?  If it is featured on I always like the product.

Eco-Touch:  Wash Your Car and Save 100 Gallons of Water.  Article  /  Website

Ipod crapped out?


I tried to put it in manual disk mode but no luck.  I hope I can get this POS to work, it is only 2 1/2 years old.  Maybe I need to purchase a Zune to get back at Apple?  Any ideas, beside running over it in the car?

Sandpiper pump problems


I replaced the poly hose line with a cool orange air hose.  I also used some fancy air hose connections and a ball valve.


I swapped out one of my sandpiper pumps and I actually have less air leaking out, but I could fix 3/4 of the problems.  The top brass fitting needed new tape to seal it from leaking (the top threaded piece has a crack).  The diaphragm is leaking but I tightened it and could not get it to stop.  Last problem was the air connector which was leaking so I replaced the part.