Archive | December, 2007

Look at all this garbage I found


I found this cd called “PHAT JAMZ Volume 130, Super Hits in English & Spanish” it is a cd with 161 mp3s.  I guess the MPAA approved this?


In an unrelated story I found a pawnbroker receipt, I love finding these.  This one is for $10 for 3.4o G of Scrap Gold.  The annual finance is only 240%, seems reasonable.


I guess someone cleaned out their bathroom garbage can.  Why else would you have 20 or more boxes of Ephedrine?  I know for “Asthma Relief” not for Methamphetamine.  Not really sure what the “Swarm Extreme Energizer” and packs of “Basic” cigarettes are for though.  If you have asthma and need so much Ephedrine why do you smoke cigarettes?

High pressure gun problem


The high pressure gun trigger turned up broken today, which it the first time for me.  I was thinking that I could take it apart and just replace the trigger.  Looks like you can not replace it.


I then decided to try and fix an old broken gun.  I used my easy out and it was not very easy getting it out.  In fact the easy out broke, which is another first.

Professional Flojet install


I am replacing my Sandpiper pumps with Flojet pumps.  The last picture shows the setup and this is the reason I could not setup the Flojet correctly.  I guess when the equipment was installed originally the stainless tank was dropped in after this fitting was installed.  I will need to crack off this fitting to replace it.  I want to install a push lock fitting just when it is not very busy.

Mark VII setup is crappy


The first picture is a modified version the second picture it the original Mark 7 setup.


I had a problem with one of the bays weep system not working and noticed this solenoid (first picture).  How many solenoids do you need for a weep system?  One per bay?  And why is the pvc labeled “Weep” and the solenoid labeled “Tire Clean Weep Lock” it is connected to the high pressure hose?  It does not make sense.  I guess Greg, the previous owner, changed the weep to one solenoid and cut off the “Tire Clean” solenoids?  I need to rip out half the crap in this Mark 7 setup.  The problem with the weep was that the needle valve was clogged.  Is the needle valve really necessary for a weep setup?

Where do you purchase this piece?


One of my Coleman Fragrance vacuums was having some problem spraying and also one scent did not work.  I used some glass cleaner to clean out one on the scents to make in work perfectly.  Next, let the fun begin.


I planned to check the solenoid first.  It had gluey crap all over it.  I cleaned it off and still had a problem.


Next I removed the barb on the solenoid bank.  This was clogged so I cleaned it out.  I still had a problem.


So I decided to remove the elbow piece and see if it was clogged.  When removing the elbow I broke off another barb.  Now, where can I find a 1/8″ mip to 1/8″ barb?  Now 2 scents do not work.