Archive | September, 2007

Foam brush missing in action


Tow truck people ripped my foam brush off the hose then Shaquille O’Neal (he was wearing his Laker’s jersey) stole the foam brush.  I do not think it is Shaquille though because he probably does not drive a Dodge Caliber and drive through Wylam.


The first picture shows a guy trying to pull the hose off by himself.  The second and third picture shows the 2 people having a tug-a-war contest.  Last picture is the time saving method the tow truck people came up with to have the green guy spray foam on the truck while the white guy uses the brush.


Motorola MotoRokr S9 Bluetooth headphones – Review


The Motorola MotoRokr S9 bluetooth headphones were also very small and do not fit my fat head (I wear a size 7 3/4³ fitted hat).  The back head band touches the back of my neck.  When I look around the headphones try and pull my ears off just like the Logitech FreePulse bluetooth headphones (PN 980461-0403).


The design is not for glasses because they are so tight on my head.  The last picture points out the fact that the red plastic piece does not really fit right.  I did not test if the unit works with my phone because they are just to small.

Cleanup Day


I am not sure what the first picture is all about but I did cleanup the equipment room shelves.  I also had to clean my Mars acceptor; it was doing the 3 blinky thing.