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Watch Lion?


In Wylam some people feel they need help securing their homes, but a lion?  The sign says “WATCh OUT Lions Live Here! Roar!!!”.

Skagway, Alaska population 825

Alaska 2005 072.jpgAlaska 2005 073.jpgAlaska 2005 075.jpgAlaska 2005 077.jpgAlaska 2005 074.jpg

Randy sent these pictures of a car wash in Skagway, Alaska.  He said the pictures were from 2 years ago and is now out of business.  If you have any car wash pictures, please send them it.  Thanks, Randy

The sign above the meter box says “USE US QUARTERS ONLY, OTHER CURRENCY JAMS THE MACHINE and You will not be able to use the car wash and neither will any one behind you, Thank you, Management” (attached with duck tape).  Wow!  I think it would be time to purchase new coin acceptors, especially with 2 bays.