Archive | June, 2007

Who said a Mimosa tree is worthless?


Well I decided to put up a sign and since I can not dig the hole very deep, I decided to concrete them.  (The front of the wash must have been dug up at one time and filled with stone.)


Not to contradict my saying from June 10, 2007  The best kind of Mimosa tree is a chopped down Mimosa tree..  I used the chopped down tree as a prop for the posts, which was very useful.

Rowe changer problem


Someone was trying to break into my Rowe changer?  Now the changer does not like money anymore (rejects bills – error message “REJECT-BILL (E)).  Also why does every description in the manual ends with “Replace the CCC”?

Pressure washing fun


I had to extend my pressure washer today to be able to reach the back curb.  It was fun like normal.  The second picture is the before picture the third is the finishing picture.  Yes I know I did not finish.

More of my stuff gone


More of my stuff got left at the thrift store under edict from my wife. I was a little to late today to purchase this wolf picture. It was velvety like your Elvis picture above your fireplace, you know what I am talking about.