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What’s the Difference Between Thrifty, Affordable and Cheap?


His car means that Johnny Thacker is THRIFTY because he wants good gas mileage.  You know that Johnny Thacker is selling “AFFORDABLE Insurance” because that is what his sign says on his thrifty car.  But you can also tell that Johnny Thacker is CHEAP because instead of fixing his affordable insurance sign correctly on his thrifty car he used mail box letters.  Looking good Johnny Thacker!  Looking good!

Handicapped in Multiple Ways!


Okay I understand that when you become 70 you either have to purchase a Buick or a Chevy Corvette.  I know the Corvette is expensive and only older people can afford them.  When is the last time you saw a young person driving a new Vet?  I should know my Dad owns one, not a convertible like this one.

But this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life…  a Corvette with a handicap tag….. Really?!  You can tell by the parking job that the driver can’t see, walk or drive.  So how do they get out of the car?  The car is so low it is like laying down on the ground.  This person should be arrested and their license revoked!