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Like Paw Patrol says “Ice and Snow I’m Ready to GO!”


Well not the whole Paw Patrol says that…. only the outcast Everest says that.  She is the new pup from the 4th season.  Plus everything closed early today (Ever State run facilities.) and it did snow!    So quit trying to compare!  :)


I was actually not prepared…. the temperature dropped so fast. I went outside old fart style and had to run to the garage to Transform into Fireman Sam!

Okay…. My wife disagrees with me…. but I think I should wear my Thorogood Hellfire boots to my Daughters next school field trip….. so I could fit in with soccer Moms! Really who said Hunter boots were cool? They are only cool for pressure washing or working in crap?  Plus one note…. running after kids with Thorogood boots was like running in normal steel toed boots.  To compare cheap rain boots…. well I never tried running because I did not want to kill myself.  Just a thought.

How to hook up a Dixmor LED 3 and Dixmor LED 7?

LED 3 left, LED 7 right


Someone called me today and wanted to purchase an used Dixmor LED 7 timer from me…. (I actually have 3 BTW.  :) )  But 1 is actually messed up.  The person had a Dixmor LED 3…. I know these timers hook up the same.  But if you look at the manuals from Dixmor…. they appear different or could be confusing?  This is because of the inconsistent perspective Dixmor used to illustrate the back of the timer.

The only change which she pointed out was pin 8 and 9.  Which I never really paid any notice to…. but did realize that on the new Dixmor LED 7 those pins are used for credit card acceptance.


The first 2 pictures were from a timer that was shipped with a Cryptopay acceptor.  The next 2 pictures are from a new older Dixmor LED 7 timer which looks the exact same with the same firmware.

Minnesota? I thought Broadway Equipment actually sold more units? (Needed local distributors.)


I saw a Broadway service truck today and the truck had Minnesota tags.  I guess that is why you should always ask who is supporting your equipment.  :)  (I am in Alabama. BTW)

I actually like the Broadway unit…. The Buff-N’ Shine Polisher it does a great job.  Looks like you hand waxed the car.  My problem was they are expensive for a unit you have to babysit.  Really is not fast…. you have to prewash.  Also if I remember right…. the chemicals were expensive?

Actually my Dad is a Broadway distributor.  But that has no influence why I thought the unit way good…. it probably does have something to do with him purchasing it?  LOL :)

UPDATE:  20160107  I checked out their website and…. they sell lots of random items now.  Maybe they use to years ago  also?  I believe…. I am referring to the “Auto Butler Buff N’ Shine Polisher” being good?  They have a mini tunnel thing, a flex wrap and a touch free auto (does not seem to fit their line of products?)  Not sure what their target market is either?  I thought it was car dealers?  Looks like they are also shooting for oil and tunnels?  All supported from Minnesota I guess….  I am just kidding…. Futura or Specialty Equipment distributors would be able to support the equipment also.  I am just kidding!  Bad car wash joke I know!  LOL :)  Well it made me laugh….  maybe you should also?  BTW I thought Minnesota only made cheese?  :)

SSCarWashNews Voice of the Self-Serve Carwash Industry Magazine


Well I got my copy about a month ago…. I am a little slow.  “Do your Walls Look Ancient?”  Why yes they do….  I believe all car washes look Ancient and outdated.  I guess I am the wrong person to ask?  LOL  :)  I mean lets be honest…. except the Tommy Wash building.  Every car wash since they have been a box have looked the exact same.  I am also taking about lame expless car washes.  (This is why I made the exception for Tommy Wash.)

The only other good looking building which was different and was an exciting design…. I have ever seen was the Lighthouse design. Which Autec had a patent/contract on supposedly?  Tommys wave thing is very cool also but the roof supposedly is flawed?  That is just what I heard…. also having the controls in the wash bay under the flawed roof?  Well that is just the stupidity I heard.

OMG…. did I get an bill this month! LOL :)

Well I never check my ebay balance…. but maybe I should? I had a $465.43 ebay invoice!  I really think ebay’s fees are super high. But when I get a bill for $465.43 I need to remember…. They have a monopoly and I have no where else I can sell my very high quality products.  (Well FB is starting…. but FB is covered with spam.)  Wait a second…. you should purchase from me also! LOL :)

My ebay user name is cwguycom and my link is here.  Also this is just a FYI.  Ebay takes around 10% of your money and Paypal takes another 3%.  Ebay and Paypal services both give purchasers the exact same protection.  So there’s no reason to go through ebay just to “be protected”…. paypal gives you the exact some protection also.  Also when anyone asks if I can go down in price…. well guess what?  I have 2 additional partners in every transaction listed on ebay.  ebay does seem a little greedy…. I believe?  :)  Ebay’s website has more ads then a linkbait site!  (website nerd joke :) )  I believe you either have no ads and pay for a service or ebay style ads and have a free service.  But that is just me…. I also HATE tivo with their ads!  Tivo…. I paid you for lifetime service and all I get is ads…. why is this service not free?  Also seems like you sell/give away anonymous information…. seems like tivo service should also be free.  But what do I know?

Fixed one of my Jim Coleman timers…. I did it professional style! :)

If you shake your timer and it sounds like a huge object is loose this is probably the problem. :)

My inductor coil fell off…. I soldered additional wires to the ends of the inductor coil wires. Which did not change the voltage. The timer also worked again. I also hot glued it to the board. (Maybe to prevent this from happening again?)

I did not take a picture and I do not know if the timer worked correctly or not. (It was one of my 15 broken Jim Coleman timers though.) Someone unwinded the inductor coil wire to give each side enough wire to solder to the board. Just a note…. this also changes the output voltage. Might not effect things though? I did not want to try this obviously. :)

Zmodo KHI8-YARUZ8ZN 8-Channel H.264 960H DVR Security System with 8 700TVL IR Cameras, Light Grey


Well…. Apparently when I purchased this box of Zmodo stuff it was really $50 off!  Who would have guessed?  LOL :)  I actually thought amazon marked it up then down.
Now this is going to sound negative…. but it is not.  It amazes me how few components can run a dvr like this.  Plus Zmodo still makes money!  This Zmodo unit is also the easiest to setup and everything you need is documented on the unit…. so you do not need the manual.  (Except default passwords…. but I might have been able to guess it?  :)  My guess is 00000 or 123456 or 111111? )  My other units I have had were not as easy to setup and there phone apps are not as good…. but  I have also never had an issue setting up any units.  But these units are so much better then having a computer at your car wash!  The hardest part is configuring your router which you should have…. I hope!  :)  But I did not use their non-static ip service.  This unit is for my house.

What is better then a Klopp coin counter? A Klopp “Everything Machine”! LOL :)

I believe this coin counter is >100 years old?  Made of steel, concrete and mine might have never been used somehow?  Mine had the original tags on the unit, box and all documents, extra parts and plastic bags.  But it does not matter…. I wanted something to remove tokens which it does very well.  There are some key things you need to know when operating a Klopp Everything Machine or Klopp ET machine.  The spacer diameter thing with the arrow is how you set the coin.  Also the belt tension thing needs to be like shown.  Also you have to select quarter thickness on the select knob…. but I believe it worked better where is is set?  Or I forgot to switch it back when I tested my tokens.  :)  The people selling this counter…. sold it untestable because they could not figure out how to get it to count.  Might help getting one super cheap?

Coleman Timers

I finally got together all my Coleman timers. I might have sime more? But this is all I found for not. Someone did “borrow” a broken timer but who is keeping track? :)

So of all my bad mouthing of Coleman timers…. I have 20 timers.  4 combs work, 1 bay work and 15 timers are broken.

In contrast my Dixmor timers I have.  I purchased broken led 3 timers which are still broken.  But I have only had 1 problem with a led 7…. the ir is broken.

I do with I tested a dixmor vac timer…. but I would pick them as the winner.  LOL  :)

Ebay find: Ryko Power Wash IV Pumps Motors and Mounting Basin 215TC Lincoln Motors Car Wash

Ryko Power Wash IV Pumps Motors and Mounting Basin 215TC Lincoln Motors Car Wash eBays-l1600s-l1600 (1)s-l1600 (2)s-l1600 (4)
This reminds me of everything I purchase on ebay…. whoops!  I missed that picture saying it was made 8/1986!  The owner does disclose it has been sitting for 6 years though.  Which if they were 310 cat pumps I do not think it would be a problem.  But these pump looks like little pressure washer pumps?  With good 3hp motors?  I would purchase it for a lot less then the list price delivered to my house…. do not get me wrong!  :)

As an aside…. I was looking for a manual for some Ryko equipment I purchase and I had to look at Ryko’s website and call Ryko. (BTW they charged $100 for it and do not provide a pdf version. No comment.) While on Ryko’s website I determined why I would never purchase a Ryko product new…. well even used equipment. They brag that they use “proprietary technology” which is the whole problem with the car wash industry. Sure Ryko’s proprietary technology is like everyone else proprietary technology in the car wash industry.  (Also they came up with some “standard” for the oil industry…. bla bla bla.  Things can be converted…. and they are now?)  But Ryko post it on their website…. Well I believe it is appalling.  Just my own opinion.  I am also mad about that manual!  LOL :)  (Think about your computers….. even ibm and apple changed.  LOL  :) )