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Building a siphon pump with air.

Well I was reading about building a siphon pump with compressed air…. Because I have had terrible luck with hand pumps.

I had multiple Beckson pumps…. the hoses are really too short when filling buckets.  (Which is basically all I did with a hand pump.)  Also the pump was really not very durable…. it was always laying around and I had the handles break and the hoses would get brittle and break.  Even after cleaning it every use.  It would also lose suction ability pretty fast.   (It has been a while since I used a hand pump though.  But I do remember this pump never worked well.)  Someone did “claim” their pump lasted 15 years though…. but it all has to do with the chemical or whatever you are pumping obviously.  🙂

I have also used these cheap drum pumps…. these are cheaply made compared to the Beckson.  But they would work…. super annoying to pump also.  The hose was longer I believe?  15 year guy said the Beckson hose has never gotten brittle on him…. maybe this is the pump that had the brittle hoses for me?

I have used sandpiper and flojet pumps but they are slow and super annoying to setup and clean…. also slow.  But…. according to this chart the pumps are actually faster! (Or close enough 🙂 .)

Last note…. The interesting concept was pressurizing the 55 gallon chemical drum.  You could leave all the pipes in the tanks…. just carry a special regulator?  Or have separate regulators wherever you pump the chemical out?  Cheaper than a dedicated pump or even a hand pump maybe?  🙂  Both operators stated they used 5 psi…. which begs the question:

How much psi can a plastic 55 gallon drum take?  Apparently 65 psi before…. well I found a video.  🙂

Is foreign union labor desirable? I want a RECOUNT! LOL :)


What a bizarre thing to ask?  Is foreign union labor desirable?  I want a RECOUNT!  But send me all the money I will to do the recount?  WHAT?  LOL 🙂

This was from but has the item cheaper.  What is funny is everytime I try and purchase clothing…. I always start with but have a real problem paying $65-90 for pants when they are from CHINA!  I really do not care for carhartt’s fit and “styling” but they are using UNION labor from Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala.  Which I believe is better?  🙂  Call me stupid…. but for $65-90 I expect United States pants…. Or at least Mexico.  🙂

Plus technically…. in China can’t they just assign people to a job, they also assign a wage and they determine if something it safe.  So China basically has a Union.  You could probably argue Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala unions are productive and worthwhile.  US unions have seemed to help states like Alabama that do not push unions.  Well probably because the worker are more accountable and end up getting paid more if you work?  The State union seems to be to involved in collecting money than helping their employees.  I honestly believe unions use to be and could be good…. but are not required constantly.  Businesses want workers happy and money is how you make people happy not demands.

Before anyone attacks me on Unions…. I just went to the DMV!  I am actually with you union guys…. I would have joined an union and worked for the state if I know the deal a long time ago.  END OF STORY…. I LOVE their work ethic and benefits!  🙂

BTW  This green lady is brilliant…. 7 mill, huge angry person mailing list, stalling to do anything, alienating a party, huge headlights.  It seems like she is trying to kill the poor DNC?  Very impressed.  Very smart.  Smarter than all the others for sure….

Microseven Security Camera for your Car Wash

I ened up purchasing 2 Hikvision camera instead

But I almost purchased this Microseven cameras…. the which is $120 and has wifi, built in storage (sd card) and free live streaming. You can also use it with blue iris and they sell their own NVR. $90

Actually looking at it…. I was going to purchase 4x 3mp version. $650 or $180 a piece.

The reason I posted the Microseven camera is it might be interesting to note how technology is evolving.  Wifi, build in storage and free live streaming from a camera that cost half as much as a camera 10 years ago.  It is really amazing.  You also do not need a DVR which is the best feature…. plus with the ip based cameras all you need is a wifi router and then you can search footage without a computer!  I probably replace at least 4-5 computers in 10 years.  I also replaced at least 3 dvrs.  Replacing cameras unfortunately is a wash because I had to replace them over the years.

These new cameras can also support NVRs which some have amazing features…. Hikvison’s computer software and I believe some NVRs?  (I have not looked yet though support logging car tags and counting people.  You should check out the manuals if you are interested…. pretty cool stuff.

DRB Systems to acquire Unitec…. Now you are Screwed! LOL :)


I am just kidding!  I do think it is scary though…. because I am pretty sure DRB does not answer or repair anything unless your contract is paid up?  I am also pretty sure someone told me their service cost was 3k a year?  (Or 3 bands… according to my new hood friend fresh out of the block.  He had to tell me what a band was?  🙂 )  To be fair the 3k was for tunnel equipment…. but why not everything?  Also another problem would be the industry push for just tunnel equipment these days…. Unitec at least had a focus on the IBA.  But like other people mentions I would never panic!  LOL 🙂  They will probably not change anything.

BTW…. if you want to purchase the above Unitec entry unit it is for sale.  It is also empty.

LINK to Article

Fake GoPro / DBPower Camera $10 off

How bad could the camera be? I will know when I get it from Amazon. LOL 🙂
DBPOWER EX5000 14MP 1080P FHD Waterproof WIFI Action Camera Bundle with Accessories (17 Items) (White) $45 after the $10

Not sure if this one will work but one of the listings with this title should.
DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD with 2 Batteries and Free Accessories Kit (Black) $35 after the $10
Coupon code is: J9ZJLJUQ

Paint splatters cars going through McKeesport car wash

“I believe the car wash should take some sort of responsibility.” Really?
“I agree they (car wash owner) are a victim as well… However it was the rudeness.” Really?

I see the real victim here…. the person that purchased a new 2016 MKX with or without white paint.  Not Kidding!  LOL 🙂  Plus 50k…. that was more shocking than the white paint! Looks like a Jeep Cherokee also.
Full article and super annoying lady with a video below. I believe it is my mother!

The guy with the paint was a true general surgeon. Wow! I almost understand the self serve bays a little better.
Just a note…. this is against the law. That is probably why my mother in the video is not getting her way and the car wash owner can not do anything.

I feel sorry for the car wash owner actually…. I would hate to deal with this.

Another note…. this is actually not my mother…. my mother would be 10x more annoying.  She would also be driving a Jeep which looks like the MKX.  LOL 🙂

Fresh Gulf Seafood…. Catfish and Shrimp Straight from the Gulf!

2 large coolers of seafood…. super hot…. in a truck…. on the side of the road…. I guess it should not matter? But the cheap steak vendors use deep freezers. Actually someone told me what the deal was with the “20 Ribeye’s for $25.00” was. They try and upsell you to more expensive steaks…. Now I feel stupid I should have known that! 🙂 It is the oldest trick in the book…. I was just thinking I have had a $1 ribeye and why would I want to do that again? 🙂

PokemonGo…. As in GO make me some Money!? LOL :)

Okay so my kids are not obsessed with this game anymore…. But unfortunately still watch the non-award wining tv show.  🙂

I saw this from my wife’s repost of FB.  (About FB if you are not paying them money…. Basically your FB fans do not see your posts.  Just saying.)


It is interesting how the zoo has a whole event which involves no animals and just a game.  This marketing makes since.  (BTW There Dino Discovery…. is an absolute waist of money.  It should be free and I would still want a refund.  🙂 )

Here is an article about the upcoming advertising and how they are going to have ‘sponsered locations”.  But I am not sure now how purchasing a “lure” would help if you do not have a stop near your location?  (I believe a lure only works at a stop?)

Pokémon Go will soon get ads in the form of sponsored locations

UPDATE 20160822: Stupid crap….

Things I hate…. why does everyone believe their political opinions are facts? Both sides think the other side is wrong…. (just one side is wrong 🙂 )  Plus “Trickle-Down Economics” give me a break…. isn’t that just another term for socialism or communism? It just describes the government and how they provide for their friends (top) and the needy (bottom)? LOL 🙂 See now I am as bad as everyone else!

PokemonGo…. As in GO…. Call your Parents to Pick you Up!? :)


Sure I remember Pokemon as a kid…. I thought it was…. Well….  Animals living in a ball…. Why? Where is PETA?  Plus the cartoon….  Battles…. Etc.  I missed something…. Or I missed nothing at all.

So with PokemonGo can your business benefit from a stop or a gym?  The user demographics released say yes….  the majority being Women college graduates making 90k.  But logic and reliability seems like no?

My kids like the game (4 and 7 years old).  It is a great concept.  Even if you did not have to walk around in real life…. Or drive.  Probably a better idea also if it did not require movement?  Wait for the lawsuits…. Unfortunately.

I did my own checking today with my kids…. who wanted to check out a nearby park.  The park has over 15 stops and 2 gyms.  They apparently have meetings there also (sign).

We saw (It was an overcast Saturday and it poured 30 minutes after we left.):
-12 males < 40 years old playing openly (with their phone in hand walking around like their phone was a compass and they were lost.  🙂 )
-Maybe 1 female with a male…. Both playing.
-Also 6 kids (<10 years old) playing openly.

I would categorize only 1 person as not living with their parents.

The individual in the picture siting is “battling” (at least that is what my 4 year old said?)…. The individual behind him wondering around is….. Well loss?  LOL 🙂  There was a guy far left and he was the only normal guy there playing a game…. like a normal person and smiled at us.  There was also a guy directly behind us.

As for us…. We were also trying to catch an elusive monster…. A real life lizard!  LOL 🙂  It got away!

I really believe the demographic have to be flawed…. Sure 1/3 are guys that are 18-38. But 90% of the women are really 4-10 year olds. Or males that want to touch a female that makes 90k and graduated from college?  JK (But you can quote me on that.  LOL 🙂 )  Basically my theory is someone has to be installing the app for the age bracket the game is made for…. 4-15?  Plus the game requires GPS and how many 4-10 year olds have a cell phone?  The kids unfortunately have to use their parents current phones or extra phones.

Honestly anyone male over 16 should be playing ingress right?  I understand if you played Pokemon as a kid but…. Animals in a ball?  Plus the tv show?  It is a kids show…. just like Star Wars. Sorry…. but true.  🙂  I do sympathy I also lived with my Parents late in my life.  JK I love games also.  LOL 🙂

I would say the fact Nintendo is making the Pokemon Go Plus proves the age bracket of the users…. 4-15?  But someone has to drive these kids around…. so you should be able to market to them somehow?