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My Loved Ones are Leaving Me! LOL :)


My Wife tries to explain to me I need to get rid of stuff…. something about hoarding?  :)  But…. I just really love nice equipment.  I just have to say this…. “I love Hamilton ACWs”….. sorry!  :)  I really disagree with getting a Goldline also…. the entry unit to get is the ACW 4.  ACW 4 and cryptopay…. or this other cc system.  (Which I have not called them back yet…. But they seem awesome and you are not stuck with cryptopay.  They also do cell service…. best feature ever.)  Plus get a Mars MEI acceptor…. I know Randy might not like me saying this.  But it saved me $10k a year…. well maybe only $100-200 average a year…. over using a coinco.

Just to clarify…. I do not love drop ventors.  But I hate all vending equally!  I am an equal opportunity hater on vending.  :)  I like making money not losing money?  Disagree all you want…. while you load your crappy time consuming vendor.  Also yes I have used a survend those are the most annoying.  I also know what you are thinking…. “I pay someone to do that for me”…. this just proved my point you make no money.  Check their car and their friends!  LOL  :)

CM’s DebitKey vs GinSan’s ExpressKEY?


Does any vendor make their own electrical products? I am not saying which company Coin Mechanisms Inc. or GinSan makes or resells this item.  But the matter what…. a smart chip on a plastic key I think is the worse idea ever.  What about a credit card with a smart chip?  Or even the stupid idx Wickets credit card was a better setup (if they are still selling it?)…. worked just like NFC credit cards.    BTW I believe GinSan agrees with me…. they basically do not support expresskey or at least do not put it on their main web page anymore.  (If it is on their site let me know.  I can really not find anything on their site.)

Plus what is the deal with the GinSan Sensortron…. who makes it?  It is CM?  CM’s do not look exactly the same…. plus CM says they use “stainless steel rails” (whatever that means) and I am pretty sure sensortron rust.


I never claimed this! :)

hamilton1973ad made the above claim that Hamilton was the “first manufacturer of pay stations for automatic car washes in the 1980’s”.  I honestly feel that hard to believe.  Especially since Mechanical Man made claims that they could be “coin operated” in < 1973.  Plus pay vacuums were invented before 1980 so why would a pay station be any harder?

Hamilton ACW 4 and Hamilton ACW 5 s for sale…. I have 6 I believe?


One box I do not have a picture yet.  :)  I also can sell you computers for your credit card system.  I had my Hamilton CRC computer break multiple times and ended up purchasing a couple (8-10).  Come to find out!  Swapping out the disk on chip chip to a new board fixed my problem.

Anyway I have 4 x Hamilton ACW 4 boxes and 2 x Hamilton ACW 5 boxes with the push and pull credit card.  I want $1500 for a working ACW4 and $2500 for an ACW5 with the CRC 13-1105 computer (or whatever part number mine are).  I might not have a bill acceptor though.  LOL  :)

Also have other Hamilton parts…. controllers, coin dispensers…. etc.

It seems the “going rate” is $3000 with a “might work” (broken) bill acceptor…. also if you want free shipping…. no problem the price is $3000.

Hamilton E-Controller Gold Line or ACW? Part # 49-9455


This Hamilton E-Controller is absolutely the coolest controller ever!  Whatever it does?  :)

You need it for Hamilton’s RFID System, bonus token acceptor and other stuff?  I apparently do not know…. I also could not find any manual for this thing.  Retails for over $1000.  Purchase this from me…. looks brand new…. is new I assume.  :)

UPDATE: 20150611  SOLD

UPDATE: 20150608 Todd informed me what this e-controller is…. It is now standard on new Hamilton Goldlines. Also this e-controller replaces the main controller, eic and serial converter for only $1234! Actually a really great deal…. I will sell you this for $650 shipped. Even better deal! :)
Hamilton Changer Part 05-0053 – EIC Assembly for Gold Line $1695.00
Hamilton Changer Part 13-1136 – GL-ACW for Gold Line > $2000
Hamilton Changer Part 05-0023 or 13-1164 – Serial To Ethernet Converter $403.00

American Changer Corp.


I believe American Changer has successfully helped me conclude that you CAN have all your info online and have a bad website.  Wow…. But I will help you guys out at American Changer…. send me an email I will seriously redo your site pretty cheap for you (you guys do have a lot of information on the site).  I am not kidding just email me…. companies outsource stuff all the time.  Also please never use flash or java and do not use the word “Golfing” ever.  Or just use Car Washing, Laundering, Transiting/Parking, Card Dispensing Devices, then Golfing.  :)

They have at least one important and annoying broken link, non standard format, and different formats for different drop down menus pages.  But again I hate to “hate” on them because they have all their information online!  Very nice!  I would like larger pictures though and more pictures.  :)

UPDATE:  When going to American Changers website on my phone I got a message “The page you are trying to view contains malicious content.”  So I am guessing either American Changers site is the only site AVG hates or something is wrong with American’s site?  Just saying.

Think you are special because you own a car wash? Oh I know you think you do. :)

Well you are NOT!  LOL  :)  Even you guys that just clean up and are maintain guys…. not special.  You know what is annoying…. me having to remind my cleanup guy that I can CLEAN UP!  I have that special power!  It is actually not hard…. everyday…. well…. very hard!  LOL  :)

But this guy was in front of a Toys R Us at 6:00 with at least 5 bags of household garbage…. Really?  He pulled his black Ford Expedition in the emergency lane and just started unloading garbage bags.  He put 1-2 in the garbage can and 1 next to the garbage can.  (There is another garbage can you can not see to the left of the doors.)

Now…. maybe he thought no one could see him?  He did look like a moron?  Plus he was wearing camouflage…. he might be confused when camouflage is effective!  LOL :)  But he was driving a Ford Expedition…. doesn’t that car have a really bad engine with an aluminium motor head?

I also was going to Toys R Us to purchase a gift for my Son…. and my Daughter came.  So I missed out talking to General Garbage and no picture of his nice expedition.

IDX BT900 BigTime TwoTimer from Fragramatics Vacuum



This is an IDX timer that is installed in Fragramatics vacuums.  I assume by looking at the circuit board it is also meant to hook to your bays also.  IDX also sells a stainless steel housing.  This timer somehow retails for $711.99…. while a normal IDX BT912 – Big Two Timer retails for $570.00 from KR?  I assume GinSan is just…. Well GinSan?  :)