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MEI credit card bill system – in use


IRS note:  Now the 10 Pepsi drinks I purchased from this Pepsi machine are all a tax deduction.  At only $3 a piece that is a large deduction.  They were actually a good deal because inside the ICA show they cost $3.25.

This is really an update of the previous post on the MEI credit card bill system.  The second picture shows the antena locating for the vending machine.  I really like this bill acceptor and if you watch the exciting video the first time I swipe my card it was not read (which was the only time that happened with my research) the credit card is in very poor condition.

coinco’s new bill acceptor – Vantage


I also checked out the coinco booth at the ICA show.  I was looking at the BillPro-CRX Card acceptor which attaches on the front of a standard BillPro-CRX bill acceptor so you can accept credit cards.  It costs around $150 and it has a metal bezel.


I really liked coinco’s new bill acceptor: the Vantage.  This has the coolest features concerning the bill surpressor and others.  The red arrows (left picture) show the suppressor in the out position and the (right picture) shows it in the in position.  This can be activated when somthing strange is inserted into the changer or it can be set to surpress on every bill accepted and stay in that position until another bill is inserted.  There are 3 setting on the suppressor that change the length the suppressor stays back, to help with speed.  Also is has a nice feature that when the bill acceptor gets wet, it will not shut down and the next bill inserted will go in and out to dry out the acceptor.  Cool.  I believe (I did not write it down) that it also can accept 110 different coupons.  The coupons are different then the old ones and use a fancy printing process instead of the old way.  The blue arrows show the bill box locking hasp, which is an add on; pretty worthless but cool if your maintenance man hates quarters and only steals bills.  It also programs easily, but how many time do you really have to do that? 

Etowah Valley Equipment ICA booth


I checked out the “Genesis” Rowe conversion kit $995 (last picture). It replaces the bill acceptor, ccc, and power supply. The Rowe people were saying that the BC-200 conversion kit will cost around $800 and replace all the same parts.

I really liked this switch (middle picture) that they were selling; it seemed very heavy duty (10 position around $110). It reminds me of the iwash switch.

I also post the fliers that Jim Gosnell was handing out.

Self serve necessaries


I picked up my 2008 catalogs at the ICA meeting, I think that everyone should have one of each for self serve car washes or just a pressure washing business.  Why? because each company seems to have different products.  The new catalog I added this year was “CarWash Superstore” which I have never had but Greg really loves them.

Kim Supply 1-800-444-2783

CarWash Superstore 1-877-663-9274 “The Car Wash Store” 1-800-443-0676

Dultmeier Sales 1-800-553-6975

Kleen-Rite Corp 1-800-233-3873

Giant Towels


I went over to Giant Industries booth who sells the high pressure guns that I use. The lady at the booth explained to me the difference between the stainless steel guns and the all brass gun. She said that the only difference was the discharge fitting was stainless and should provide better life to the gun.


She also gave me some towels and a “Moistwipe”.

Cool air fresheners


I talked to the people in the Sonny’s booth and they said they are selling more self serve supplies.  I am not really sure but while looking in their “2008 Auto Accessories” catalog I found my “I Love Jesus” and “Mossy Oak” air fresheners.  So I will have to purchase them and see how they sell.


I always liked the “Cherry Bomb” air fresheners and the customizing idea, but never have done it.  To customize one side (with their stock image on the other side) $.36, for 2 sides $.39 (also a one time setup for $75).


I went past Average Joe Auto care products and checked out “The Amazing Aroma-Disk”.  This air freshener seems like a good idea if they sold a special vending machine that you never had to stock (which I asked them about), but you have to just use your current vendor.  Average Joe’s web site says they cost $9.99 for 10 but they might sell through a distributor cheaper?

MEI credit card bill system


Credit card systems have been popular lately and the MEI system is really nice.  They are selling retro kits for some Rowe changers (of course they do not sell one for my BC-200) the system just replaces the transporter and nothing else.

The CC system runs around $750 per setup (attaches onto a MEI bill acceptor not included) $165 for the credit card face plate (which is metal not plastic).  It is a cellular CC system (which cost $10 a month) and cost 5% for an average ticket less the $10 and 2 3/4% of average above $10.

You could put one CC bill acceptor in you dual changer and then vend tokens.  (Like the bi-metal tokens from TokensDirect.)  The only problem with the system is that each system needs all the parts and can not share.  So if you wanted to install one in every bay then you have to purchase everything over again for each bay.  Also $10 a month per system/bay.

I also checked out the Wash Verify CC system which it nice and can be installed in any environment and not even on a meter box.  Also you can repair individual pieces on the cc swipe, but the server it Windows XP and uses an Internet connection.