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Morgan Road Car Wash


I drove by the Morgan Road Car Wash today.  Greg purchased it a couple days ago.  They have put in another automatic and gone up on there self-serve prices from $2.00 to $2.50!  So since December 10th, 2005 they have only gone up $.50….. inflation definately has not hit the self-serve market!

If you are interested, the wash has 2 Jim Coleman Water Wizards: 1 is the original while the other is a new 2.0 non-profiling.  It has 2 Hamilton entry units and also a Jim Coleman Space Saver pumping unit for the self-serve bays.

Noble Avenue Car Wash, Florida

W Noble Avenue and NW 5th Street Florida  Google street view link

This is from my trip back from the ICA meeting in April.


Front venting area:  Dilling & Harris Max-Vend-Master with bill acceptor and an American AC2225 changer


Coleman vacuums


Bay setup


Water Wizard setup and American entry unit install