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Hamilton discontinues there dual stacker…

Which is odd?  But WOW they only had 7 in stock!  WT#?  The stacker goes in all there stuff!  That is messed up!  Are they in financial troubles like everyone else?  Why didn’t they announce that they were discontinuing there XE bill validator also? 

But when Rowe of all companies is using and bragging about how good a MEI bill acceptor is…. Things have changed!  🙂

National Pride Car Wash are asses and should pull there video!


I understand this looks bad because I hate national pride…. just because they don’t give support after the purchase of meter boxes. Nothing kool or important! 🙂

But I have had plenty of meter boxes which have been broken into… the content of a cheap meter box which there comparing there $2000-4000 meter box to? HAS NOTHING OF VALUE IN IT…. UNLESS 25 CENTS IS WORTH IT FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON? PLUS IT SHOULD NEVER BE SUGGESTED OTHERWISE!  I understand the top screw mounts probably help just a little!  🙂  Even on tin foil boxes! But to say that some one has valuable components in there is ridiculous and just a nasty sales ploy and no one should do business with them. Besides the fact they couldn’t be bothered to help a CUSTOMER!  What is wrong with car wash companies?

Plus I have seen videos similar to this before. They should have hired someone to open the box and show how much trouble it was. Giving up that fast gives the illusion there product is a pos. If Trent Walker couldn’t last more then 30 seconds that’s fine…. What are they going to do resell the meter box? 🙂

Oh and Trent Walker actually says “you have thousands of dollars of components in there”. While I am assuming discussing a meter box. WOW multiple thousands!? 🙂 Would that be considered a lie?

But they are discussing a meter box with a bill acceptor…. Which does hold money. Just a note for a thief… If you see a car wash with crappy boxes and a bill acceptor in it. Run away! What national pride omitted is the operator has cameras and more then likely an alarm when you hit it. “Not FREE MONEY” like there implying…. With the Vegas payout sound effect.

I need to have no shame also because I have greed and want money! I need a sign “Don’t scratch your car with dangerous brushes from express tunnels you can’t inspect! Come to a self serve!”. Its to long though …. But my statement is at least true! Your depending on the employees there to check the brushes…. Scarry! At a self serve you cam do it yourself!


Hello, Eric
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I can’t believe this Dr. Edward Rowe is looking to be a partner with me! It’s a shame about his “failing health” but it’s good for me because I’m going to be loaded with cash soon! Oh No! This is suppose to be “very confidential”!!!!! I hope Dr. Edward Rowe is’t mad! 🙂

International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010


This was a new product that everyone was talking about this year.  It was from Hydra-Flex Inc. the Aqua-Lsb TX 9000F Chemical Delivery System.  Wow that is a mouth full!  The big unit (first picture) costs around $15,000 and it replaces all your hydrominders with injectors and delivery pumps.  You can supposedly save up to 20% including electricity, water, chemical and maintenance!  But not really sure what the difference would be if you regulated your water into your hydrominders?  Also the other problem they pointed out was the hydrominder tips ware and that is how the unit saves on chemicals.

The little unit (last picture) I was told was for self-serve but I talked to Hydra-Flex last year (when they only sold injectors) and they said injectors were not good for self-serve, only automatics and tunnels so who knows?  The guy was also trying to sell a unit to my Dad.  🙂