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Hamilton ACW-4-CRC important information!

Did you know that an acw4 could have a push pull credit card acceptor?  Neither did I!  Especially if you ever call Hamilton that seems like how they determine the difference between an acw4 and acw5?  Oh and I have proof!  From the defunk og sscwn…. Spring 1999.


Alloy Wheel Repair specialist


At what point should the city get involved and make it illegal for a mobile company to work on a right of way?  I mean technically it might be private property…..  So maybe the property owner should sue them?  If they didn’t already agree of course!  LOL  :)

What happens when 20 mobile lube and tire repair places park next to each other? Also why wasn’t he allowed to work at the dealership (Tameron Hyundai)?  I guess it’s a new car?   :) foam brush hose crap?

RIP October 12, 2013 – January 25, 2014


I have used a kr pre-made hose before and it lasted over 3 months of crap business.  :)  These hoses were trouble and I could tell they were crap from the beginning.  I also pulled the little crappy hose saver up multiple times (which came off in 4 days)…. I should have just thrown them away when I got them.  Luckily I have a spare!  I need to purchase some Goodyear pushlock hose and throw all these hoses away.

My official review and opinion on this product:  “If CWS sent me a refund for all the hoses and sent me free Goodyear pushlock hose to replace everything…. I would still be disappointed.  That’s how bad and annoying they were.” 

What I might have done wrong:  Purchased them in the first place?  I am thinking I should have reglued the hose saver?  All 4 were glued really bad?  But how would I have glued them?  The place I purchased them from couldn’t glue them?

PSA: Why you should NEVER go to a tunnel, express wash, full service etc.

Disclaimer… I have no clue what happened… But my Dad owns one and I’m pretty sure I do.   :)

It just looks like the express wash ripped off this person’s back bumper. That’s all! 

This is how I should promote my self service car wash!   Something like…  “Do you like your car not damaged?  You should always inspect EVERY BRUSH or TUNNEL BEFORE YOU ENTER!” It’s actually a true statement. You could even include the fact that if your car is damaged at an express tunnel they will probably blame you?  Or if they do fix your car they are going to use cheap knock off parts….

I was actually inspecting one of my Dad’s tunnels and there was barb wire just chilling in the wraps. :)  That’s why its really important to constantly inspect cars and equipment. It also should be you… Just look at that employee loading you on that convertor. (Plus that convertor could crush your caps or scratch the crap out of your rims… Oh did I type that? :) )

Yeah if you own a tunnel the only thing you might be able to argue is the “I never blame the customer for having a car that falls apart”. :)



Hamilton ACW 4 / ACW 5 Controller pics




I thought this was interesting…. This is a Hamilton ACW controller with v4.23 firmware installed on the chip. With a 49-1200a REV 3 board from 1996.  I am assuming this is what Hamilton charges $150 for (The jumpers)?  I assume this is ready to upgrade to the “c” version firmware also?  You would have to ask super Randy.

I have the stainless case also. If you want to purchase it let me know. I also have the whole ACW part. :)

All I want to know is… If this controller is undated to v4.23 wouldn’t my ACW now be a ACW 5?  What was the difference?  Besides that switch on the relay box?

Hamilton discontinues there dual stacker…

Which is odd?  But WOW they only had 7 in stock!  WT#?  The stacker goes in all there stuff!  That is messed up!  Are they in financial troubles like everyone else?  Why didn’t they announce that they were discontinuing there XE bill validator also? 

But when Rowe of all companies is using and bragging about how good a MEI bill acceptor is…. Things have changed!  :)

National Pride Car Wash are asses and should pull there video!


I understand this looks bad because I hate national pride…. just because they don’t give support after the purchase of meter boxes. Nothing kool or important! :)

But I have had plenty of meter boxes which have been broken into… the content of a cheap meter box which there comparing there $2000-4000 meter box to? HAS NOTHING OF VALUE IN IT…. UNLESS 25 CENTS IS WORTH IT FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON? PLUS IT SHOULD NEVER BE SUGGESTED OTHERWISE!  I understand the top screw mounts probably help just a little!  :)  Even on tin foil boxes! But to say that some one has valuable components in there is ridiculous and just a nasty sales ploy and no one should do business with them. Besides the fact they couldn’t be bothered to help a CUSTOMER!  What is wrong with car wash companies?

Plus I have seen videos similar to this before. They should have hired someone to open the box and show how much trouble it was. Giving up that fast gives the illusion there product is a pos. If Trent Walker couldn’t last more then 30 seconds that’s fine…. What are they going to do resell the meter box? :)

Oh and Trent Walker actually says “you have thousands of dollars of components in there”. While I am assuming discussing a meter box. WOW multiple thousands!? :) Would that be considered a lie?

But they are discussing a meter box with a bill acceptor…. Which does hold money. Just a note for a thief… If you see a car wash with crappy boxes and a bill acceptor in it. Run away! What national pride omitted is the operator has cameras and more then likely an alarm when you hit it. “Not FREE MONEY” like there implying…. With the Vegas payout sound effect.

I need to have no shame also because I have greed and want money! I need a sign “Don’t scratch your car with dangerous brushes from express tunnels you can’t inspect! Come to a self serve!”. Its to long though …. But my statement is at least true! Your depending on the employees there to check the brushes…. Scarry! At a self serve you cam do it yourself!