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Wylam Rowe changer problems again


Today both of my changers were out again. This time one had a penny in it.  Then the other had the same problem as yesterday. "CK L COIN DETCTR"  But William fixed it today. He said it was the light that counts the quarters.  I hope he is right.

Jim Coleman Company Vacuum


I learned something about my Jim Coleman Company vacuums today. Greg was fixing everything that was broken at my wash when we discussed the timer differences that I had.


Apparently if the timer (1034r timer sn-052200-88) has the new firmware it says "SELECT" and if the firmware is old it says "ADD".  Also, you could test by pressing the buttons. If the buttons sound when pressed it is the new firmware. If there is no sound then it is the old firmware. This is important because the old firmware allows fragrance or vacuum and with the new firmware you can switch between the two.

General Pump repair the next day


I started by taking off the head on the pump today. When I took the head off it looked like above. The medal pieces had stuck to the ceramic shaft. After pulling the medal pieces off I put them back into the head.  Then I noticed the ceramic shafts had black crap on them.  Which I guess is bad? So I put some lube on them and put the head back on.


It still leaks and now the pressure in around 300.  Which is bad. So now I do not know what to do.


Also, today I got to dig out two of my bays. YEA!