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PVC pipes add on


I am going to add the PVC pipes to the end of the tubing tomorrow. This way when the tubing gets old and hard it will at least be straight. This would have fixed the problem from the other day. I believe this is why Greg had these installed on some of the chemicals.

Wylam float valve problem


I also had a problem with my float valve. Luckily Greg gave William a float valve the other day. William replace the float valve but not before I tried taking off the broken one before I cut the water. Which it a bad idea.


Stupid Wylam problem


I did not repair the 3/4 inch tubing from the tank to the chemical. The tubing hardened up and when the chemical got low it could not reach in the chemical any more. The problem is it looked like it was okay. Now I know to replace when it gets to that state. 


Wylam Rowe changer problems again


Today both of my changers were out again. This time one had a penny in it.  Then the other had the same problem as yesterday. "CK L COIN DETCTR"  But William fixed it today. He said it was the light that counts the quarters.  I hope he is right.