I went to the Alabama State Fair for lunch?


I went to the Alabama State Fair just to eat lunch.  It was expensive so maybe Ruth’s Chris next year instead.


We ate so much fried food it was ridiculous: fried Twinkie (far left), fried Oreos (right), funnel cake and other stuff.


I did not want to risk my life on any carnie rides, but these insane people on the “Fire Ball” ride did (far left).  The middle picture shows all the safety precautions that the rides have.  But my favorite was the “Fun Slide” which sure looks like a ……. “Fun Slide”!

Rowe C-10RL problem


I had a coin jam in my Rowe C-10RL that I was testing (error message “Er 8”). 


 Pictures of the coin hopper motors and coin chute.


I still got the “Er 8” error after clearing the coin jam so the instructions say it could be paper or something blocking the led or sensor.  The left side looked fine so I attached everthing and reset the changer and got “Er 9” which means the same thing only the right side.  Everything looks clean and fine but I guess I will be replacing a sensor because the led works fine.

How does Office Max makes all their money?


I needed a usb cable for my Mother’s computer so I went to Office Max.  They wanted $25 for the cheapest USB cable.  I started looking around for something that included a usb cable.  I found a 4-port usb hub made by the same company (Belkin) and purchased the hub for $20.


So I saved over $5 and got a hub I didn’t want.  What a scam!

SECWA meeting


I did get some swag from the secwa meeting.  I figured out I needed to check my insurance, stopped by Erie Brush, JBS said they would call me and save me some money and gave me a tshirt.  I got a free secwa journal and some pens.  I also talked to some people and purchased a changer from Jimmy Branch.