Craftsman table saw


I think that this Craftsman table saw is a piece of crap, model number 137.218240.  The motor can pull wood chips into the table saw motor, seems like a bad design.  But that was not the problem.


I decided to check the power switch.  When I opened the switch cover it had sawdust in it.  The last picture shows sawdust in the wire terminals.  I took them all off and cleaned it out than everything was fine.  Terribly bad design.

How to spot Rowe counterfeit parts?


One of the reps in the Rowe International booth, at the ICA Meeting, told me this tip.  Not really sure if it is true, but I guess I need to find a new service tech.  The belts on the underside of the BA50 bill acceptor should be green.  If the belts are black that means that the belts are not Rowe belts.  It sounds good because I have some with black and some with green.

Oh No! Food World is closing


It is always kind of sad when any business is going out of business.  But at least they had a “sweet pets cupcake” left (first picture, green dog).  They also has a little bottle of mayonnaise.

New presoak from KIM Tek


After I finally got my order from (after their ordering problem),  I mixed up some “Texas Blue Power” pre-soak. I was surprised that it was blue though (a lot better than green).  I mixed 50 pounds of powder to make 55 gallons of presoak.  The recommended starting dilutions are 64:1 (orange tip).  I will let you know how it works later.

Simply Solutions


After getting my “Appeal Blue Berry Clearcoat” chemicals from Robert Pecora from Simply Solutions Corp, I finally checked to see what it looked like.  This was tipped at “dark brown”, a little too strong, so I switched to a “yellow” hydrominder tip.