My electric mower is broken!


My Homelite electric mower just quit working.  I assumed that the cord was shorted, but the electric mower was broken.  I used my vacuum motor knowledge to figure out the problem.  Check out the brush problem below.


I guess I am a Mitsubishi tech?


Well my Mitsubishi DX-TL900U finally broke. Well, the hard drive gave out, which is normal I guess.  The Mitsubishi website said that the unit needed to be sent in to a tech. But the site also said that the operating system was embedded.


So because the OS is embedded the dvr should use the hard drive just as storage. So I removed the broken Maxtor 120 gb drive and replaced it with some 160 gb I found somewhere. My unit, according to the directions does not support multiply drives. But looking at the mother board (picture 3) there is a place for the drive’s power cord and you could probably use a Y connector on the mother board power? It also looks like just a standard ide drive and maybe just a master / slave ide cable will allow 2 drives? I did not try it though because I have never had any space problems. Next you power the unit on and it says “ALL HDD DATA WILL BE ERASED” I did not know what was on the drive so why not erase it all (that mean “initialize”). Then the unit formats the drive and it works.  Yea!

Why I hate the Apple iphone?


Well the iphone ruined these great pictures (or was it my finger)?  These pictures are of the Police searching for something that the person with the handcuffs threw out the window of his car.  This is why you should always obey the “No Littering” sign and keep that Wendys cup in your car!

No money down and FREE delivery!


Greg sold me a ton of his carwash stuff in his basement today.  But I finally purchased his PUR-CLEAN RO system, with a charcoal filter and a magic water softener thing (last picture) with included directions.


Also included a chemical sprayer, empty drums, and some chemical (Qual Chem – Q Enhance Low, Q No – Touch Low, and Q Enhance High).


Lastly a truck full of stuff.  I can not list all the stuff but it is really great stuff.  Now, like Greg said, I need to open a car wash in my basement (which I actually could open a 4 bay if I had the electrical and a working air compressor).  Greg sold me all this stuff for $280 (I think?), which is really great.  Thanks Greg!

Rowe vs Standard changer

My Dad has a MC520RL-DA Standard changer and wanted to purchase another one, so we checked out their booth at the ICA show.  I was very impressed with how simple the changer is compared to my Rowe changer.  This is a comparison of my Rowe changer and a Standard changer.


I believe this is a Standard MC400RL (left picture) which is a little larger then my Rowe BC-200 (which I would swap out in a minute for).  The Standard changer is very simple looking, has metal coin hoppers, and uses a Mars or Pyramid bill acceptor.  The unit on the right is a MC535RL-CC with is more complicated looking but has a credit card acceptor and a bill acceptor.  Very organized looking and plenty of room in the units.


Now here is my Rowe BC-200 tank (actually works).  First picture is the changer without the stacker and bill acceptor.  The second picture is the stacker and bill acceptor.  The third picture is the CCC, while trying to fix any problem with a Rowe changer, the final solution is always replace the CCC.


This coin hopper has to win the most complicated hopper available.  Why not make the coin hopper consist of 2 parts?  One part (left) consists of a motor (red arrow) and a coin counter (top black thing).  Then on the other piece (right, coin hopper) why not have a bike chain with little knobs that snakes up the length of the hopper to spit out the quarter at the top?  You also need to clean this once a month or crap will clog up the chain.


Next, add the most complicated bill acceptor (BA-50 transport) that needs to be cleaned every week and sent in to get fixed every year (low volume location).  Rowe seems to be in the process of dropping this bill acceptor at this point, which I have to say is the best idea ever.  Maybe that’s why every other changer sells their unit with a Coinco, Mars, Pyramid, etc. option? 

To be honest I never have any problems out of the ccc and coin hopper, except the coin counter needs to be replaced on one of my units.  I do not use the bill stacker and I send my bill acceptor to get fixed every year.