iWash 5 Bay Self Serve

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YES!!!! iWash car wash self serve equipment for sale!  🙂  I have got to admit…. I would purchase this crap in a second for the right price!  WELL…. it is not even close to the correct price.  LOL  🙂

$6000 for 5 bays…. I remember iWash.  I believe iWash contacted me when they were still in business?  I wanted to visit a location with some of their equipment installed…. there were not any close though.

In the past 10 years…. I would say this company was the only innovative company out there.  Also mei…. mei put out some bill acceptors I remember looking at and thinking…. WOW I bet that breaks non-stop!  JK I have never used their recycler.  But that is exactly what my thoughts were.  I also know who hydraflex is…. my Dad has a couple of their units.  I have argued with him about the marketing and the injectors…. I am just not impressed.  If I purchase a bunch of Dema injectors and build a 80/20 housing for it…. I am a moron right?  I purchase a $9k-15k injector “system” I am kool? (I believe that is what they cost?)  The Dema injectors are more then likely engineered 10x better?  Unless hydraflex is just reselling a product?  Then both product are probably the same?

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