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EASY STREET! Very Confidential – UPDATE

Dr. Edward Rowe is Funny Looking.

So I had to email back my bff Dr. Edward Rowe.  Below is my email.

271 Forest Road, Hueytown, AL 35023

Ready to help you invest your money el friendo! Oh by the way I have a Rowe Changer so I am qualified to help!
Your Best Friend Ever!

I mean what is Dr. Edward Rowe going to do send me more junk checks junk mail then AT&T?

This was his response I don’t think that they read my email?  What do you think?  RESPONSE HERE


From: edwardrowe81@yahoo.com
Hello, Eric
You have the following message on TalkCarWash from Edward Rowe
To reply to him, just reply to this message.

I am Dr.Edward Rowe; I want to know if you can help me invest my money into a profitable business in your Country as my partner. I have been into real estate business for many years until my recent retirement following my doctor’s advice for me to avoid any form of stress because of my failing health condition.

Please tell me, can you help me invest in a profitable business in your country? If you agree, we shall both share the total annual profit.
I demand you treat this very confidential. I will give you full details of the funds and the transfer as soon as I receive your response.
Please reply to this email ( ed711@info.al ) for more information

Your full name
Your phone number
You email address
Your home address

Most Regard.
Dr.Edward Rowe
Thank you.

I can’t believe this Dr. Edward Rowe is looking to be a partner with me! It’s a shame about his “failing health” but it’s good for me because I’m going to be loaded with cash soon! Oh No! This is suppose to be “very confidential”!!!!! I hope Dr. Edward Rowe is’t mad! 🙂

I Know High Quality!


When I want high quality tools there is only one place to go….. Dollar Tree!  I want to make a new face plate for my Hamilton ACW-5 because I don’t want to give any more of my money to Hamilton.  So I purchased the fine tape measure today.  I love the Warning “Always wear protective which complies with current ansi standards”.  WHY?

Break In Attempt?


Not really sure if someone tried to break in to get their Little Tree, but the machine was out of order and I lost TONS of vending sales!

Speaking of vending sales Greg and I were talking about vending machines breaking.  He also has an old Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II Vendor.  It really doesn’t make any sense to purchase an expensive vendor since the vendor costs around $3,500 to only make $100 gross a month?  Then you have to stock the machine and if your lucky you make $50 net.  You could do that with a couple crappy drop vendors.

So the plan is to sell the Maxy while it still works then install drop vendor!  Take the money and purchase a sign or something that could actually make you some money!


What kind of crap is this from the University of Arizona?

Here is a  list of stuff I already knew… I mean I learned… from the study.

  1. Married people have more bacteria in their cars than single people
  2. Females have more bacteria in their cars than males
  3. Automobiles with children have more bacteria than without children (What!  NO WAY!)
  4. The greater the mean temperature of a city the greater the number of molds isolated in the automobiles.  (Please explain!  Oh they do.)

Aspergillus,  Ulocladium,  Alternaria,  Penicillium,  Geotrichum,  Chrysosporium,  Trichoderma,  Aureobasidium,  Geomyces,  Chrysonilia

Also all the molds identified from automobiles are everywhere!  You can’t get away from them so why worry about it unless you have a really weak immune system and you probably live in a bubble anyway.

International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010

There was a new trend in the market this year at the ICA show and it was all web based.  Two companies actually had booths, one I found their booth and the other I could not find.  Then the 3rd company came over to the secwa booth, but I don’t think that they had their own booth.  So the idea is this: your customer wants to wash their car, so they search the internet and somehow find one of these search sites.  All the sites are basically the same: you have to enter your information and then people can search for your location.  They also have coupons and you can run specials.  ClosestCarWash.com looks like it was developed this year while mycarwashsavings.com looks like I developed it in the 1980s.


I talked to these guys at ClosestCarWash.com and they were really nice.  They like the color orange and they unfortunately tell your customers the next 3 days worth of weather. 🙂  But on the plus side the website looks good and is really the only one out there!


mycarwashsavings.com Why would you use flash as my main navigator, which eliminates most mobile devices?  And why do you have to use a plugin no one uses for a video player?  I looked at this web site and I tried to figure out what they were doing.  They want a lot of money for there service and they want the customer to pay them instead of you.  Of course they take their cut of like 25%?  I wouldn’t give them my credit card information if I was a customer or a carwash owner.  Also their twitter account is already suspended and they still have the link on their page.  Bad sign!

Someone Stole My Vacuum!


The worst feeling is driving up to the carwash and everything looks fine then all of a sudden you notice…….. you are missing a VACUUM!  Well I had to call the Police and talk to them, which is fun.  But when I started to dump some garbage I thought my luck was turning around.


I found the vacuum on my lot behind my dumpster.  I was surprise how they got the money out.  But what was really surprising was the damage they inflicted on the vacuum.  The vacuum is totaled, at least that is what I would say.  It is amazing what they did to it.  It really makes me mad….  and they probably will come back, which is worse!