When I Purchase a Quality Product I MUST Brag about it! LOL :)

So my Wife purchases my Kids Mini Boden clothing ALL THE TIME!  Seriously…. Why?  Wal-Mart sells clothing from England/China?  🙂  So why can’t I purchase Boden clothing also?  (Boden is for “male” like adults…. they have a naming issue I believe.)  Well I believe there might be a reason you should not purchase Boden clothing….. Just read the label on some > $70 shorts.   LOL 🙂

This is no joke:  “When there’s a fraction too much friction colour can rub off onto lighter fabrics.  So Please be careful with pale handbags, avoid white sofas and never wear this garment to bed.”

The problem here is…. I carry a pale handbag, own a white sofa, my car also has all white interior and I love wearing shorts to bed!  WTF  LOL 🙂  Seriously the color RUBS OFF!  I sent them back…. But I did keep some stupid looking swimming shorts (I believe all swimming short should look stupid. 🙂 ).  Which BTW had no warning?  Luck for me…. because I like to also scoot on my butt all over my house on our white carpet!  LOL 🙂



While I was putting on socks…. I just had a reminder that no one seems to read signs and no one can follow “complex” directions!  LOL 🙂  Seriously…. these socks should have a warranty on them!  Or braille or something right?

On a side note…. who would make left and right socks anyway?  Plus why would I want to show off that I have Nike socks? LOL 🙂  The scary part is the same guy that does not follow directions will probably be wearing his socks “correctly”!  🙂  I will be checking next time.  JK  🙂  Maybe I should check their shoes though?  JK!  🙂

OFFICIAL SOCK REVIEW!  Dri-Fit socks are the best!  Because when you put the socks on…. (wait for it)….. they are DRY!  Seriously what is the difference…. really beside the stupid Nike symbol?  I re-read the bs info on amazon and sure the socks fit…. maybe my socks are misaligned somehow!  LOL 🙂  I can not follow directions either!  Or will not.  🙂  INFO

Why you have to purchase a Yeti cooler!

It was the first thing I thought of when I saw this cooler!  LOL 🙂

I believe the only true use for an expensive cooler is for deep sea fishing right?  Or to pick up other guys?  🙂  Like a woman would know what a Yeti cooler is?  Maybe if Louis Vuitton made a cooler…. am I wrong?  LOL 🙂  (To be honest I did not even know about Yeti coolers until I saw the Pelican cooler.  I was looking for a Pelican hard case.)  For everyone that wants a Yeti cooler let me help you decide which Yeti to purchase…. just purchase a styrofoam cooler!  The best cooler is the cooler you can throw away or leave behind!  🙂  Plus how would you like to clean out this cooler if it cost you over $450?  I did just purchase a Coleman cooler with WHEELS!  I did not know wheels are a requirement for a cooler…. especially if you want to move a ship anchor cooler (Pelican or Yeti) which weighs 20-30 pounds alone.  🙂

I know you are going to purchase one anyway…. so at least NO baby blue Yeti cooler!  Be a man!  LINK  I saw one and felt sorry for the “guy”…. do not be that “guy”!  🙂

Back to the above issue:  Sure my clean up guy called me about this cooler twice…. it was…. well…. I do not want to discuss the cooler anymore.  Plus the fish were very soft and squishy with no heads?  But it was actually not that stinky…. WELL I have smelt worse.  🙂

I also was weak 20 years ago or more…. I even ordered a stupid car from the factory.  I was debating luxury cars the other day…. is the only luxury car anyone “should purchase” a Lexus?  I purchased an Infiniti / Nissan…. bad idea.  Lexus / Toyoda best idea correct?  I have heard nothing but bad things about every manufacture but Lexus.  Well Toyoda I believe had the worse recall ever right?  🙂  I am also talking about resell.

Unitec E-Systems E-4000 Carwash Entry System

I never heard of this unit…. it has a born on date of 2001. Cash only…. pretty much all the boards look reworked for the Wash Select 2?

Okay…. I have a new theory why people like Unitec units. The amounts for the washes are on displays and not stickers? This is the reason Unitec entry units are cool right?  This might appear modern maybe?  The displays or the slanted door? But the slanted door is a very poor design flaw I believe? Also if you have a new Unitec Wash Select II note the door changes and the cup. Pretty sure the WS2 even have different designs also…. which indicate there is an issue?  Maybe?  🙂

Also the last door I am not really sure it is a Wash Select II door which they claim it is.  But I would assume it is a WS2 door…. it is also different.

So David Dao basically defies the Police? Then everyone is suppose to feel sorry for him?

This is about the stupid United Airlines drag the human event….  I am totally missing what is going on here….. So the Police ask a guy to get off a plane.  The guy actually already agreed in a contract he would…. Then somehow everyone supports his temper tantrum?

I believe everyone is just pissed because airline flights are expensive!  Or maybe you have to get a new driver’s license to fly?   This pissed me off!  (I got my “star ID”.)

A question to ask yourself:
Would this ever happen to you?

If they offered me $800 and I could spend another night aways from my KIDS!  WELL…. THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO DRAG MY ASS OFF THAT PLANE ALSO.  LOL  🙂

GO RUN…. “Excellent conditions all day, so no excuses!”

Okay if there is a good Android Weather app let me know.  I hate this Weather Channel app it is one huge crappy advertisement / crappy video player.  Plus this running propaganda is to much…. when I start running everyone will know!  I will post it nonstop on my Facebook page!  LOL 🙂

So how on Earth can this be a 7/10 on the “gorun” meter and a suggestion of “Excellent conditions all day, so no excuses!”.  If we are literally under a “TORNADO WATCH”…. Plus it has thunderstormed half the day?  Only time you should be running today is away from a TORNADO!  Is this what Weather Channel meant about running?  I have a 7/10 chance of running from a tornado?  🙂


I never tell the weather channel to “predict the weather correctly!”  Do I….  Maybe someone should?  🙂  I also doubt I would ever give them a 10 / 10 either?  LOL  🙂

Plus doesn’t everyone get their weather info from the National Weather service?  Then they just have farmers to predict the weather?  My bad…. They should have farmers instead.  LOL 🙂

Okay…. So do I get a Vacation after the Vacation?

So we go on a family vacation and at what point did I get to relax?  I forgot?  (That is orange juice and a lemon…. ironically the waiter almost spilt this drink and not my 4 year old son.  🙂 )

I believe every time I rent a place there are always multiple problems…. Lights burnt out, stupid let’s save the environment signs (aka we are lazy signs).   But if the clean up people claim they clean up the toilet…. how can they not notice A BROKEN TOILET SEAT!

I really hate to complain about everything but I could hear the bees eating the place literally!  (There were lots of bee holes.)

Disclaimer…. I am not a safety inspector…. I am also not a dork that checks for bugs in my bed either…. like other unnamed people.  (What would happen if we found bugs in the bed?  Wouldn’t it already be too late anyway?)  Anyway…. I took this picture by accident honestly. Well…. because of the last 2 pictures I have a feeling why the post were just replaced.  But the cinder blocks and the support not being centered?  I am glad I do not own this place if something goes wrong.  BTW…. if something goes wrong I want a cut of the settlement if you use my pictures.  🙂

Environmentally Friendly GARBAGE FIRES! LOL :)

It took 5 years for the New York City MTA to realize they needed to clean up garbage?! They could have asked me…..

Actual proof I did not make this stupid crap up:  LINK

“The reason for canceling the experiment may have something to do with the pace of New York City life, its disposable culture and the premium that residents put on convenience.”  Seriously…. what on Earth does this mean?  Customers (People who use the subway)…. expect a paid service to be clean.  Even if the local government runs it….  Articles like this should help people believe in privatizing government operations?  I said should….. or at least vote for different people?

For such a cultured city which is so intuned with Mother Earth…. how would they allow for garbage fires and garbage to be even a problem at any of their  472 station?

Conclusion:  “The agency says the cleaning effort has resulted in the number of track fires dropping by 41 percent.”
My conclusion:  …..”NO SH>>!  How about increasing the receptacles also?”


This may be a mildly interesting experiment relating to your car wash.  They also claimed a success when they only removed receptacles for 2 stations….  which is interesting.  But the problem with this conclusion is it is government run and what stations did they select?  The most elite passenger stops…. or in the ghetto?  Probably the ghetto….  When they increased the sample to 39 stations everything fell apart apparently?   People should throw their garbage aways at their residence or where they purchased the item…. sure on paper this is a fact!  Why do people drive to my business to dump McDonalds garbage?  No clue…. but unfortunately you have to deal with it.  Also I did not judge any government employee in this post…. I wish everyday I got a government job.