Do not be a Rectum…. Accept blame in your life!

How is this seriously not Billy Rectum fault if he is backing into the road from his driveway?  Shouldn’t Rectum be paying better attention?  The part of the story I hate the most is the “my son in the car” part.  Plus why is “my son in the car” relevant?  It makes his whole story sound like total BS to me with that lame excuse.  Plus another problem with Rectum’s story…. How did he get the tag number?  If the perp was driving so bad and almost hit Rectum…. Then he was “swerving on the road and nearly hitting two cars”!  How on Earth did Rectum go the speed limit and get the tag number?  Impossible right?  So Rectum was also speed?  But Rectum is allowed to speed in a neighborhood with kids and everyone is not?  🙂

Also the reason I do not like the Rectum family is because this is actually the second time they have posted the same story.  Yes the second time there kids almost got run over!  Sure it could be legit and I am awful!  I know!  But I think the Rectum’s are asses and should move.  Can I not vote?  I should actually move…. Somewhere where there are no customers and I can mail order everything…. Some sort of bunker I also do not like the sun.  🙂  Or a community with normal people that can quit acting like they are better than everyone else and everything is someone else’s fault.  It is okay to accept blame.  I will help Rectum…. It is okay Rectum repeat after me.  “I Billy Rectum should have paid attention and looked for cars before I pulled out of my driveway.  I am wrong.”  Good job…. You are wrong…. Billy…. I think his first name is bad also.  🙂

Relating this to car wash ownership:
Do you know what is funny about accepting blame and not blaming other people.  People really seem to accept your answers better…. Maybe like you are one of them and not an evil business owner.  People do actually make mistakes and it is okay.  I got a complaint call and the guy wanted $2-5…. He was pretty angry and wanted to meet me.  I was setting up a time and talked in circles about the issue a couple times with him…. Then I said:  “You know…. I am really sorry about you losing money.  But I just checked the machines when I was out there earlier today.  But unfortunately you know how machines are they can sometimes break….”  The guy really seemed to accept the answer I gave him…. He even said “Yeah, I know how machine are.”  Any person that has a job should understands equipment can randomly break.  But accepting blame is what is missing from everywhere today…. The customer ended up saying everything was fine and I told him I was sorry again.  I do hate it when equipment malfunctions…. I have to fix it!  LOL 🙂

The problem with driving in a neighborhood is everything seems fast when stationary…. Anyone can complain all they want.  It is just worthless to complain on Facebook unless you also drive like ass.  I just believe instead of making up storying on Facebook you should make up stories to the Police.  Only problem you will probably get a speeding ticket because of karma when the Police patrol the hood?  🙂