Exclusive Jim Coleman Pump Stand Prices!

Sorry…. I had a phone call and ran away after the sales guy could not identify a Dixmor timer…. He also reminded me of my Dad.  Plus why would a timer even matter if you are switching to a push button?  (You actually do not even need a display.)  It was painful and random…. Even installing Coleman meter boxes was needed…. For more space?  🙂  It also did not help he was dressed like he just rolled out of bed.  As an aside…. Never ask me to advise you on what to purchase if this guy is involved!  JK LOL 🙂

I need to start selling car wash equipment…. I know I could do better…. Or I could NEVER do worse!  🙂  But honestly I believe it is a hard sell, selling new equipment.  (Not critiquing his poor sales pitch.)  What about rehabbing?  Why is there no rehabbing market?  Is the problem just time consuming?  You would have to have to many employees?  When observing other businesses in other industries…. There are many businesses which have large setup times to sell a single client.  Everyone wants new equipment but…. There is never really a reason to replace your existing equipment…. Unless the building collapses on your pump stand.  LOL 🙂

This is always the problem I have when selling used equipment:  Customers do not want to pay for anything at all?  So they are interested in used equipment.  But they hate used equipment which is usually or should be priced at 10-30% retail (except certain items that can be sold to other industries).  So they purchase the item brand new…. This will never make any sense to me.

My reasoning about used equipment:  This make it a no-brainer!  🙂  You purchase an used Coleman pump stand for 10k.  1/2 the stuff is broken…. You got totally SCREWED!  (Worst case.)  You fix everything and you got SCREWED again at 5k!  WOW that hurt!  So you spent 15k for a 65k pump stand?  Plus you learned how everything works?  Pretty good deal!  The worse thing to do is purchase the cheapest crap stand from ______ and get a junk stand and have nothing good.

Also the quote for a 5 bay Coleman pump stand was 65k.  Who knows what it included.

The guy also said he was looking at:
Etowah Valley Equipment: Cheapest pump stand, said the meter boxes where super high priced (I said all the meter boxes are to high! 🙂 ) (I hate to give advice but…. I would try welding my own first.)
KR: Also sells a cheap pump stand (I would also try to purchase used or try welding my own first. Sorry Etowah and KR. 🙂 )
Carolina Pride Carwash Systems: Business owner was not nice (He met him at the ICA show…. It was enough to not want to call the company again.)
Jim Coleman: Random sales guy…. Random information….. Random