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I joke about the iphone but seriously how often do you restart it?

My wife has an iPhone 7 plus and I recommended that she should restart it every night. But she thought I was kidding…. It just seems like a buggy os / phone? Also the battery life seems bad for a new phone.

So does anyone have a restarting routine? I actually do not have one for my Android phone but I do not remember any weird problems? My wife seems to constantly complain about it.

BTW Her common problem are the lock screen and no audio on phone calls…. Could be human error! But restarting the phone always fixes the problem? Today the problem was the Bluetooth quit working and the phone claimed it was trying to connect…. Restarted the phone and the Bluetooth was actually turned off? Turned blue on and everything worked fine…. She has been complain about it for a week.

Android weird problem I have…. Same all the time. App related…. App deletes and refreshes directories incorrectly. You can wait or restart for the os to fix or refresh the problem. I should find a new app though! LOL 🙂 Stupid apple texts…. But then again they are related to a wife issue. LOL 🙂

PRO TIP: Best feature on any phone…. Fast charging! Worth upgrading your phone. It is that great!

Do you want to be a nerd? Do you want to look like a dork? I have the solution! :)

I have purchase a “real” smartwatch before…. one that retailed for over $300.  Sure it was nice I guess?  But there are only a couple features you use after the first week.
– Being waterproof
– Notifications
– Time

– Weather (I like the weather…. but it is really worthless.)
– Time between charges (> 1 day…. <1 day gets super annoying I mean I never want to use it again annoying.)

Everything else including a color display is a total waist and I dare anyone to say you play games or reply to text on your watch. (Sure canned text can work if you are hell bent to use your phone.) I did call people and text but for the first week only. I answered the phone once by saying “why would I answer the phone from that person?”…. WHOOPS! LOL 🙂 Then I turned that feature off! 🙂 I also used the watch speakerphone feature when on a ladder…. but I could just call when I get off the ladder? 🙂

Well I started looking for another “smartwatch”…. there is actually a watch that fits all my requirements. The only “issue” anyone could have is it is not touchscreen and it is epaper and not color. But it is a WATCH! It is also cheap…. well because Fitbit purchased them and now they are basically discontinuing the brand.

The Pebble 2 se cost $55.95 on last a week with a charge, you can pick what notifies you, it counts your steps (if you are into that), you can use it for sleep also…. because it last more then one day. LASTLY it can tell the time! You can also download stupid apps and now I can check stock quotes…. my stock app on my phone always locks (still worthless right? 🙂 ) I downloaded a stopwatch and a timer…. to do stuff with! 🙂 Weather…. but I honestly do not care about the weather.

OKAY…. it does notifications, last more than 4 days and is waterproof! It wins…. Sorry it is the best! Except the Samsung cell watch which is independent and can be use in an emergency…. but they cost over $60.

YES this house scared the $%#* out of me! :)

I really like this guy and his sons…. but he asked me if I was “too scared to go to his house without a ____ man.”  I was not sure why I should be scared though? They have shoot outs, sell drugs and rob people over by my car wash…. it should be safer at his house right? I WAS WRONG! He had 4-5 WASP NESTS on his porch! WTF it was a setup! HE TRIED TO KILL ME! LOL 🙂 YES I WAS SCARED!  (I am actually allergic to wasp and passed out and got a free ride to the ER last time I got stung.)

It would have been neat to see this neighborhood back in its prime. I love old houses and these homes now. The houses are also super cool inside and they have great details no builder would do today.  Someone told me the houses are all over 100 years old?  (Which actually could be true because the “city” / mining town was created around 1880.)

(I mention back in the day because both houses next to this house are gone now…. they burnt down.  Along with others in the neighborhood.  Still very cool hood…. I also love the “downtown” aspect.  Which is basically 90% out of business unfortunately for the residents.)

I told this guy he should run for the Birmingham City Council…. it pays basically 75k from 15k I believe (part time job also) and they do not do anything for this district.  If I was a BCC loser I would actually improve the area with my actually income that the BCC is basically stealing from the people of Birmingham…. just saying.  (Sure it would be a little amount of money (75k)…. but better then nothing!)  Actually I would keep 50% because a brother has to wear stupid clothing and purchase boxing gloves.  LOL 🙂  Politics and all the media needs to just start over at all levels I believe…. I blame it on lawyers.