Archive | December, 2008

Guthrie’s cash register?


Well today I got 2 cash registers that looked like someone with a crowbar broke into them.  I called the Police and I said that I thought it was Guthrie’s so they called another Police department but the detectives were off today.  So the Police officers said to just throw them away.  I did call the restaurant and they were robbed 2 weeks ago but they never called back  to say if they wanted the registers.

Honda Fit Keyless Entry install


This is not car wash related but did you know that you can add your own options after purchasing a car?  I got keyless entry for Christmas ($120) and added it to my car today, which took around 30 minutes.  When I purchased the car they wanted $500.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas for me is all about giving.  Giving stuff I found at the car wash like a Hueytown fast pitch softball jacket, a guard shirt and a “You, Too, Can Canoe” book by John Foshee (complete with notes).  We also gave a (new from the store) Star Wars MillenniumFalcon: the extra sticker and pieces addition.  What a great Christmas!