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Wylam meter door


This is a picture of my meter door that has been broken into twice in a week. 


Also, I included a picture of my National Pride Big Bruisers that are in the equipment room.

Roof-Mounted attic fan – Stats


Today, I checked the fans effectiveness 86.4 in the equipment room and 104.7 outside.  That is pretty good it is still hot and the ac is at 78.  The humidity was 59% in the equipment room and 26% outside.  I think the problem with the humidity is the floor is still wet from the ro tank move.

Sandpiper pump problem


I was having a problem with my sandpiper pump again. This time the hydrominder got stuck and the chemical tank was empty. The pump was getting to much air in the intake line and was trying to prime. I had to take the outlet hose off and everything worked fine again. I have a video of what the pump was doing.

Twice the ICE – Ice House America

I drive by this establishment every day and they were talking about it at:

So I decided to post some pictures it seems like an interesting topic.


It cost $1.75 for 20 pounds of ice for a cooler or 16 pound bag.  It has a chute for the cooler ice and a bag drop for the bags of ice.


Two people showed up when I was taking pictures.  The guy purchased 20 pounds of ice and wanted the bag of ice.  I guess he could not read the sign.  He sold the ice to the lady with the cooler.  I usually never see anyone at the ice place normally.


This is what is sharing the lot.  Which is closed.

More information:

Meter door break-in – Again


Someone broke into my meter box again.  This time they stole my latch thing that locks it into place, bent and striped the threads on the lock.  Luckily, I had a spare lock.


He tried to break in to all the vaults and looked at the vacuums.  It was at 9:27 pm I think unless the time is wrong on the dvr I forgot to check.


Here is a picture of his suv.


The meter box worked fine all day except for the guy on the left.  Then the lady on the right decided to steal the quarter for some reason.

RO tank overflow – fixed?


I moved the float down in the tank.  It should work fine now. 


Full chemical bucket.  The only thing I can think of is when the RO tank over flew.  It decided to fill up my high pressure soap bucket.  So now I have a full bucket again.  Yea.