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Did you know that Kleen-Rite Corp sells Banner Engineering Emitters and Receivers?   They are used on the Water Wizard as the front (treadle) and the back (entry, undercarriage).  These eyes are in pairs with one receiver and a super duper laser emitter.  The Banner emitter is the SM306EQ and the receiver is the SM30SN6RQ.

Kleen-Rite sells the SM306EQ for:  $84.38

Kleen-Rite sells the SM30SN6RQ for:  $91.13

Did you know that Banner Engineering sells Emitters and Receivers also?  They can be purchased from the manufacturers website at  Weird it is actually cheaper. sells the SM306EQ for:  $75.00 sells the SM30SN6RQ for:  $81.00

If Jim Coleman only posted there prices…..  🙂