PNC math problems…. LOL :)

Well…. I went to PNC today. I got a female teller (but that really is irrelevant.  Some of the dumbest bankers I have ever seen have been male.  The smartest banker was actually female…. not this one.  🙂 )…. I must have gotten my $50 stacks mixed up?  I also only count them once because my count is irrelevant honestly.  So basically my short stack gets mixed with a $50 stack.

So the lady says basically…. “are all these straped ones supposed to be $100?”  I say “yes…. so one is short?”  She says “yes $83″…..  now all old people know exactly what happened next.  🙂  But the problem is she is a bank teller.  She needs to figure out the number to tell me…. She also selected NOT to use a calculator! Let me just say…. I could physically hear her brain thinking about it!  It made her face also turn red.

Quick note…. for anyone who can not add and subtract in your head.  If someone puts money down and believes they have the correct number (I am just being nice…. of course it was correct. 🙂 )…. count what they have and do not start making suggestions!  Like $27, $14 and she might have gotten to $17 after using her computer?  But people my age (who grew up with digital calculators) or younger…. can not add or substrate in their head.  Only old people…. plus nerds like me I guess?  🙂

Quick…. here is a test. What is 25% off $2.00? Ask someone else…. watch. Then laugh inside…. when they get it wrong or just ignore you completely. LOL 🙂

Coleman Timers

I finally got together all my Coleman timers. I might have sime more? But this is all I found for not. Someone did “borrow” a broken timer but who is keeping track? 🙂

So of all my bad mouthing of Coleman timers…. I have 20 timers.  4 combs work, 1 bay work and 15 timers are broken.

In contrast my Dixmor timers I have.  I purchased broken led 3 timers which are still broken.  But I have only had 1 problem with a led 7…. the ir is broken.

I do with I tested a dixmor vac timer…. but I would pick them as the winner.  LOL  🙂

Ebay find: Ryko Power Wash IV Pumps Motors and Mounting Basin 215TC Lincoln Motors Car Wash

Ryko Power Wash IV Pumps Motors and Mounting Basin 215TC Lincoln Motors Car Wash eBays-l1600s-l1600 (1)s-l1600 (2)s-l1600 (4)
This reminds me of everything I purchase on ebay…. whoops!  I missed that picture saying it was made 8/1986!  The owner does disclose it has been sitting for 6 years though.  Which if they were 310 cat pumps I do not think it would be a problem.  But these pump looks like little pressure washer pumps?  With good 3hp motors?  I would purchase it for a lot less then the list price delivered to my house…. do not get me wrong!  🙂

As an aside…. I was looking for a manual for some Ryko equipment I purchase and I had to look at Ryko’s website and call Ryko. (BTW they charged $100 for it and do not provide a pdf version. No comment.) While on Ryko’s website I determined why I would never purchase a Ryko product new…. well even used equipment. They brag that they use “proprietary technology” which is the whole problem with the car wash industry. Sure Ryko’s proprietary technology is like everyone else proprietary technology in the car wash industry.  (Also they came up with some “standard” for the oil industry…. bla bla bla.  Things can be converted…. and they are now?)  But Ryko post it on their website…. Well I believe it is appalling.  Just my own opinion.  I am also mad about that manual!  LOL 🙂  (Think about your computers….. even ibm and apple changed.  LOL  🙂 )

So I lost my flashlight for the 100x time.

I had a headlamp last time…. which I lost.  The light before that was a headlamp…. which I broke.  So I was at a welding gas place and they had this magnet led light (looked like this one).  It was really nice…. I guess?  Heavy…. really bright and the magnet was super strong.  I did not purchase it…. but ever since I have been wanting to purchase a magnet multi-function light.  So I purchased the Nebo 250 Slyde Led Flashlight.  Seems really nice quality…. and heavy.  So I have been shining the light in my eyes and everything.  Seems very bright and I was thinking after I purchase this magnet light…. wait for it…. everything at my car wash is STAINLESS STEEL!  GREAT!  LOL 🙂  Whoops!  I actually think the light will still be very useful though.  The other light I purchased was a ThorFire…. really nice also was on sale for $13 now $23.  But it is also super nice is seems….  has 4 modes fancy.

So if this Nebo light is really a 250 lumens light…. I think half the lumens might be better?  But I have not used the light yet.  It is bright.

AIRHEAD AHDL-4 Bungee Dockline – Net Extender


Amazon was running a special on this item and I got one in the mail yesterday…. I have not used it yet…. Well because I wanted to touch it first.  🙂  It has 4.5 stars with 550 reviews…. this is really a nice quality product.  I am going to purchase another one today.  Just thought I would share because I was actually impressed.  LOL 🙂  They cost $8.66 now…. I did pay $6.14 the other day. But it does not matter now. 🙂

The manufacturer also has Spanish on the back. Which I actually do not have a problem with. I have a problem with all Spanish labeling…. like I saw at Home Depot before. Also I saw a banner on the front of a USPS that was written in all Spanish…. which since it was a United States Government facility…. it seems inappropriate?  BTW…. I think these items should have the English language on them?  🙂

UPDATE: 20151220 Amazon lowered the price again. They are $7.02…. You might need to use the code ktek9? But it was automatic for me? So who knows. 🙂

Cryptopay and Dixmor Timers Information



If you would like to use a Dixmor LED 7 timer “counting up”. You will need a Dixmor Led 7 with firmware version v7.36  (Don’t worry…. Cryptopay does not have it in their documentation. I had to call Dixmor.  :))  Dixmor said you can upgrade any LED 7 timer to the new version firmware 7.36.  They said the prices range from $25-40.  Where my v7.04 would be $40 and my v7.33 would be $25 (guess).  This is one reason I believe Dixmor is a great company to deal with.  Even though they never seem to update their website.

But I believe Cryptopay’s website is outdated also and it is new….  At least Dixmor’s website was nice in 2003!   🙂  (But what do I know?  I was probably studying interface design and web development in college in 2003!  LOL)

15% off a pretty interesting carwash product? :)

This would probably have worked great when I mixed my chemicals from powder?  (The chemical and powder seemed to separate.)  Would also be nice if they sold something like this but for a drum stand?  (When water gets under the drum it can get nasty.)  The description says it is for 5 gallon buckets…. But I would think it would work for 15 gallon also?

The product is really for bucket washers…. So do your part and purchase one so they will be sold out!  LOL 🙂  It is actually a grit gaurd…. Good for expresses and tunnels with prep stations.

I might just purchase one to help the economy?  LOL 🙂  Seems like I might need one?  Plus it is only $6.83! (You have to change it to Amazon as the seller BTW.)

JKO Mat Cleaner BB-4


I ended up selling this unit…. but the J-KO Mat Cleaner is really pretty nice.  All stainless steel.

Only difference between the BB-4 and the BB-X is the GinSan GS-11 timer (standard vacuum timer – non-accumulating) and the front buttons. Well also the case has some places for locks and there is a shield for the mat return.  But you could compare the pictures I have.  I guess there are a couple differences?  🙂

The BB-X is preprogrammed to automatically turn off after 2 minutes. The BB-4 has an on off switch.